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88.96 %
Correct out of 489 Signals

TradeFish’s App is specialized in dissecting market trends, forecasting price shifts, and revealing concealed trading opportunities. This approach is designed to optimize the timing of your trades—whether opening or closing long or short positions—thereby maximizing your potential profits.

88.96 %
Correct out of 489 Signals
How to use TradeFish Signals

Browse active signals

Find active Signals on the "Trading Signals" page

Check the time and price

Asses based on the start of the Signal, and take your position

Close strategically

Close your position when receiving the closing Signal

Explore Active Trading Signals

Discover real-time trading signals for active market opportunities.

Access Premium Telegram Bot

Get early and instant alerts, trade directly from your Telegram Account



Signals do not constitute financial or trading advice. You must always do your own research. Signals are time-sensitive, so your results may vary from those stated by the TradeFish App. They are for informational purposes only; you must exercise personal risk and money management when opening and closing trades.

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